Full season agreement starting at $220 and single applications starting at $40.

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Our Suggested Application Schedule
Pre-emergent applied prior to weeds germinating. This inhibits the weed's seeds to prevent developing into a mature plant. Spray weeds that have already germinated.
Fertilizer and weed killer, slow releasing helps control weeds, thicken and green up lawn. Also spot spraying for present weeds.
Fertilizer with Talstar. Controls both surface and subsurface insects and pests. At the same time adds deep feeding to keep the lawn healthy during the hot summer months.
Fertilizer with a slow release 18-2-18 providing long term feeding of the turf and root system.
Post emergent weed and feed for the cool season contains three ingrediants for a broad spectrum of weed control.
Winterizer and weed control helps add strength to the root system of the lawn while preventing those ugly winter weeds.